Georgia Tech’s Online Master in Computer Science

Earlier this year, Udacity, Georgia Tech, and AT&T announced a ~$7000 Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS) graduate program. OMSCS courses will be offered on Udacity’s platform and are specifically designed to be delivered online. In comparison, similar programs at Stanford and UIUC cost >$10000 and are not at all designed for interactive online delivery.

I applied to the pilot program back in October. I was recommended by Mark Conger, DeLiang Wang, and Ken Supowit (other really great teachers/mentors also offered, but there was not enough time to get them all in; I am thankful to all).

I got in! I am in the initial group of 401 students, selected from among the 2359 who applied. We will be starting in January and I am immensely excited!

My goals are:

  1. I want to become a very strong engineer specializing in machine learning
  2. I want to slowly return to my academic orientation (eventually to pursue theory)
  3. I want to be part of a revolution in education.

The first term of course offerings includes: Advanced Operating Systems, Networks, Software Development, Machine Learning, AI for Robotics. Due to life and work constraints, I plan to start off with only one class. I am leaning toward Machine Learning right now because it has been a while since I studied it and I need a good review!

Though not strictly an autodidactic affair, I will be blogging about my endeavors here. I will probably post my code on Github:

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